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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Daniel Sui, Ph.D.

(614) 688 - 5441
Spatial Analysis and Modeling with GIS
Ph.D., University of Georgia (1993)
M.S., Peking University (1989)
B.S., Peking University (1986)
Additional Information: 

Research Interests:

  • Daniel Sui’s research interests include the integration of spatial analysis and modeling with GIS for socio-economic and environmental applications, theoretical issues in geographic information science (GIScience), GIS in public health, urban geography, information ecology, and emerging geographies of the information society. He is currently working on legal and ethical issues of using geospatial technologies to track people, animals, and commodities. Sui is a Co-PI on a NSF-funded project on geographic knowledge production using volunteered geographic information. Sui serves as the editor-in-chief for GeoJournal and a contributing editor of GeoWorld. Sui is also a current member of the U.S. National Mapping Science Committee.

Recent extramural grants submitted:

  • $550,000, “A GIScience approach for evaluating, analyzing, and applying volunteered geographic information,” D.Z. Sui (with M.F. Goodchild and S. Elwood), 2009-2012, The U.S. National Science Foundation, 2009-2012.
  • $251,796, “The whys and why nots of active living: Barriers and motivators among high risk children. “ The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Active Living Research Program.” D.Z. Sui (with C. Lee and J. Varni J), 2008-2011.

Recent published articles:

  • Sui, D.Z., 2010. Rethinking progress in urban modeling: Models, metaphors, and meaning. In X. Yang (ed.), Urban Remote Sensing: Monitoring, synthesis, and modeling in the urban environment. New York: John Wiley & Sons (in press).
  • Sui, D.Z., 2010. Legal and ethical issues of using GIS in Society. In T.L. Nyerges (ed.), Handbook of GIS and Society. London: Taylor & Francis (in press).
  • Sui, D.Z. and J.B Holt, 2009. Nancy Krieger’s geospatial approach to social epidemiology: An introduction. GeoJournal, 74(2): 85.
  • Xu, Z.W. and D.Z. Sui, 2009. The effect of small-world networks on epidemic diffusion. Geographical Analysis 41(3): 263-282.
  • Sui, D.Z. and J.B. Holt, 2008. Cognitive and analytical issues of applying value-by-area (cartogram) mapping in public health. Cartographica 43(1): 3-20.
  • Sui, D.Z., 2008. The wikificaiton of GIS and its consequences, Or Angelina Jolie’s new tattoo and the future of GIS. Computers, Environment, and Urban Systems 32(1): 1-5.
  • Sui, D.Z. (ed.), 2008. Geospatial Technologies and Homeland Security: Research frontiers and challenges. Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Recent abstracts/presentations:

  • Sui, D.Z., 2010. Health/medical Geography 2.0. AAG Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., April 14-18.
  • Sui, D.Z., 2008. Neogeography in the age of digital earth. International Workshop on the Progress of Geography, July 22, Beijing, P.R. China.
  • Sui, D.Z., 2008. The role of geospatial technologies in CDC’s “Healthy People in Health Places” Initiative. Workshop on “Healthy People in Healthy Places,” May 6-7, Atlanta, GA.
  • Sui, D.Z., 2008. Strategic directions for geography in the next decade: Network science, Web 2.0, and beyond. AAG Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.:, April 15-19.
  • Sui, D.Z., 2007. Research administration in American Universities: Implications for Chinese Universities. 2007 Beijing Forum, Beijing, China, Nov. 2-4.
  • Sui, D.Z. and J. Holt, 2007. Spatial-temporal analysis of obesity and poverty in the U.S.: 1990-2000. ESRI National Symposium for GIS and Public Health, Scottsdale, AZ.: Oct. 10-12.
  • Sui, D.Z., 2007. Detecting small-world characteristics on transportation networks using a spatial autocorrelation approach. 7th International Symposium on GeoComputation, Maynooth, Ireland, Sept. 3-6.
  • Sui, D.Z., 2007. Google Earth: Implications for GIScience. 2007 AAG Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA., April 16-21.